Name Position Telephone Email
Rachel Ben Shetrit Director Public Inquiries 02-990-9770

Suzi Bitton Secretary 02-990-9841


Office hours: Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30 to 12:30

The department serves as a direct channel between the residents and the municipality, its employees and its departments.

The department offers an "open door" policy. The department presents the resident's request to the various departments of the municipality, and handles a variety of topics and fields, clarifications, suggestions, and complaints related to all municipal fields:  including Engineering and Construction, Taxes and Levies, Supervision problems, Environmental protection, City improvement, Education and Welfare, and more. 

Residents can communicate with the Department in a variety of ways.

All  requests received will be registered and treated  accordingly.

The  resident will  receive a response within 14 days of his/her appeal, unless the issue is complex and requires longer treatment. 
The Director of Public Inquiries is present during the public hours of  the Mayor and assists in processing requests and complaints from residents

You can request a personal  meeting with the Director of Public Inquiries by appointment only.