Dear Residents,

Beit Shemesh is a bridge in the Land of Israel. It connects the mountains to the lowlands and has amazing views of hills and valleys and overlooks Coastal Plain. It is a place where our ancestors walked and is mentioned many times in the Tanach because of its enormous importance.

It is also a bridge between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Connecting the secular life of the revitalized and Zionist State of Israel and religious life of the Land of our Forefathers. In our city ultra-Orthodox, secular and religious Jews and immigrants from around the world live side by side. In Beit Shemesh, people from different backgrounds create here a variety of incredible opportunities.

All these possibilities and realities on the ground connect to form a city with a past and present, and future, and I believe that our City, with all its advantages and complexities can be and should be a "City of the Future of Israel."

Our city will expand in the coming years and will attract a young population that will bring us high-tech, industrial and commercial, global business, tourism opportunities and become a major city in Israel. All of us, of the city can be a part of this welcome change and we have to work together to mold it and establish a city to be an example to us all.

True unity gives space and respect to all components. I challenge you, residents of our city to be part of this desired change in Bet Shemesh, and will bring our city to a better and happier place.

וזרחה לכם יראי שמי שמש צדקה ומרפא בכנפיה""

It is my hope and prayer that our city will develop and expand.

I want to express my greetings and gratitude to all employees of the municipality and the representatives of the public on the City Council, who are doing all they can for  Beit Shemesh to succeed and prosper.

The renewed municipality website and applications on Facebook, Twitter and other media are available and on line right now and will be improved in the future. This will enable all residents to the activities in the municipality, and will enable residents of the city to be partners in addition to the apps to take different actions which make life easier through new media and digital options.

We stand by you and are ready to give you the best service possible; we know that we can do better, please partner with us and tell how.

Always at your service 
Aliza Bloch, 
Mayor, Beit Shemesh.